Buoyant business atmosphere prevails at September Hong Kong 

Titanium and steel jewellery manufacturer Tico Jewelry received favorable feedback on its ˇ§signature seriesˇ¨ .  The series combined two individual rings, with one in gold and the other in steel, to form a special design.  People could thus get different designs by wearing either a couple of rings or a single ring.  ˇ§Customers liked this design very much due to its versatility,ˇ¨ manager Bernard Ning, said.

Pieces in titanium and 18-karat gold set with round diamonds in two to five points wholesaling from US$120 to US$220 were the best movers among its buyers from Australia and South Korea, while demand for plain titanium pieces from US$15 to US$30 at wholesale was also strong.  ˇ§The result was better than our initial expectation.  We made many contacts during the fair, and we will get in touch with these contacts in order to establish business relationships with them,ˇ¨  Mr Ning said.

Source : Jewellwey News Asia, November 2002, page 34 to 44