HK company sees growing demand for titanium jewellery in 2004

The companyˇ¦s sales of titanium designs are brisk in Europe and the United States, said Mr. Ning. ˇ§Orders from the United States increased significantly in 2003 due to the metalˇ¦s higher popularity.  Items selling below USD30 a piece at wholesale were the most popular.  In Europe, saleable designs are those with colored gemstones.  Our customers are form Germany, Spain and Britain.  Sales to markets in Asia such as Taiwan and Japan remain stable,ˇ¨ Mr. Ning said. 

Tico Jewelry offers a comprehensive range of titanium designs, but designs in simple style are currently the most saleable, said Mr. Ning. ˇ§Customers opt for basic styles.  The trend can be divided into two categories: first, pieces with colored gemstones, and second, pieces in black and white highlighting color contrast, with cubic zirconia or diamonds.  Pieces with a highly polished appearance are also quite popular. 

Although pieces with simple designs dominate the trend, the company regularly develops innovative designs, as fresh items are the key to attracting new customers, Mr. Ning said.  Recently, the company released a playful titanium pendant, which received favorable response.  The pendant features four rolling wheels, with each wheel featuring some of the letters of the alphabet.  The wearer can rearrange the letters to show four different words, namely ˇ§liveˇ¨, ˇ§goalˇ¨, ˇ§loveˇ¨ and ˇ§giveˇ¨.  Mr. Ning said the sales of the pendant have been encouraging, and the company is considering including more playful elements and flexible designs in its new products in the future.

Source : Jewellwey News Asia, January 2004, page 75